Ready to live in a historic officer's residence in Fort Sheridan? We currently have one of the best residences for sale and it's the 3rd house in from Lake Michigan with ravine and lake views. 36 Scott Loop, Highland Park, IL 60035 was built in 1890 and has been updated with today's amenities. A great room and 2-car attached garage was added for the ultimate convenience. The possibility of adding an elevator to access all 3 above-grade floors could possibly be placed at the back staircase, used for servant access.

Here is a hotlink to the online listing - contact Carol Best @ for a private showing. Now priced at $950,000 - this residence is the best value and move-in ready! 

The approved 2015 Master Plan for Fort Sheridan Forest Preserve improvements include:

> a new redesigned entrance drive on Gilgare Lane;

> a new 45-car paved parking lot with an evaporator toilet;

> trailhead improvements at the north parking lot (adjacent to the Fort Sheridan Cemetery) with an evaporator toilet;

> accessibility improvements to the existing Hutchinson Ravine Trail;

> drainage improvements to the existing 1.6-mile grass trail loop; and,

> timber boardwalks and scenic overlooks.

Hutchinson Trail will become an accessible trail from Sheridan Road all the way to the new lake overlook, by adding two new boardwalks and converting the woodchip section to asphalt.

Three scenic observation areas will be added, featuring new and relocated interpretive panels.

The Janes Ravine Bridge will be enhanced to maximize its years of useful service.

Above information Credit: As reported in a Lake County Forest Preserve press release.

May 2017 - As reported in JWC Daily, Fort Sheridan Preserve will be closed for improvements, in order to improve the future stability and beautification of these open lands. For more information, click here to read this article as reported by Julie Kemp Pick on May 22, 2017. Hopefully, the Fort Sheridan Preserve will again reopen a year from now.