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4 Stages and Lifecycle of Too Much Stuff

by Carol Best | North Shore & NW Agent

1. Childhood - Desired Items:

First and shortest stage when you dream about stuff you desire.

2. Youth - Acquired Items:

Now you're able to start buying stuff - enjoying the thrill of the hunt, maybe at garage sales [shopportunity] or discount stores... and learning the value of money. 

3. Middle Age - Enjoyed Items:

Proudly purchased and displayed treasures... until you ultimately tire of these items. 

4. Old Age - Redeployed Items:

The once-adored objects are now in the way. That's when you take a really close look at your stuff and decide it's time to place your treasures in a garage sale. The redeployment signifies a rebirth and a new life cycle for your once-treasured items. You'll know when this time arrives, because...

Life's true treasures have absolutely nothing to do with stuff!

taken in part from a much enjoyed article by Pam Tallman in the Orange Coast magazine.

Carrier HVAC Equipment - Leaking & Corroding A-Coils - BUYER BEWARE!

by Carol Best | North Shore & NW Agent

Do builders receive special deals from Carrier or is it just the "Carrier way" to off-load marginal equipment? Here's my experience - you decide - here's my letter to Carrier:

Hello, in July of 2007 I moved into a brand new 2-story townhome. FYI, there are a total of 72 townhomes and 11 single family homes in my subdivision complex. Every owner is pretty much miserable when it comes to the lack of adequate cooling and heating. It is the talk of the neighborhood at our local park, which happens to be about 300’ from my front door.

From day #1 when I moved in, the unit has been inadequate when it comes to both heating and cooling my 2040 sq. ft. townhouse. This morning I talked with Terry, the Owner of Air-Rite Heating & Cooling in Naperville, IL, [630-264-1150] as his firm was hired by Red Seal Builders out of Northbrook, IL and they installed all the units as I know it. I’ve asked Terry to send me his calculation of the sq. ft. and how Air-Rite chose to install a 3-ton unit for my above ground 2040 sq. ft. [not including the basement sq. ft.].

As it turns out, the A-coil freezes up in the summer, as there is at least one leak [if not more] in the A-coil. A dye-strip was placed in the unit on Saturday, August 2, 2015 and 4# of refrigerant was added. Both receipts are attached.

Unfortunately, this is NOT going to be the last service call I need in order to fix this leaking problem. The HVAC person [Carrier certified] will need to come back for a 3rd house call to determine what & where it is leaking. There is now a future cost to this problem. 

My question is, should the entire A-coil be replaced since it appears to be corroding from the inside out? 

The rule of thumb is that it is 1 Ton per 600 sq. ft. which means I should have had a 3.5 Ton unit installed, if they make such a size.Carrier needs to accept additional responsibility for leaking and/or corroding A-coils. I cannot make one positive statement about this HVAC experience. An undersized unit coupled with a corroding/leaking A-coil is unacceptable. It has exceeded its useful life at 8 years, when in fact it should last for at least 18 years.


Thank you for your email to the Carrier Management Review Board. They have reviewed your file and asked that I respond. On behalf of Carrier, I am sorry to learn of the problems you have had with your equipment.

The warranty coverage you received from Carrier at the time you purchased your equipment was a limited warranty on parts only, from the date of installation. The coverage on the evaporator coil would have been for 5 years. The labor warranty coverage would have been provided by the installer for a period of time as determined by them. Typically, the installer will review with the homeowner, options to purchase extended warranty coverage for parts and/or labor.

We understand that the costs associated with the repair of your equipment is almost always unexpected. We sympathize with the stress and inconvenience that unexpected expenses can have on any family; however, we will not be able to provide compensation or a concession beyond the terms of the original manufacturer warranty coverage.

We appreciate your patience as we reviewed this matter, and we are sorry that we are unable to provide an answer more in your favor.

It's time for me to write to the CEO - this is like a Ponzi scheme!

Sell Your house for MORE $$ by Staging & Decluttering - Carol Best - Top Agent

by Carol Best | North Shore & NW IL Agent

North Shore & Northwest Suburban IL - Carol Best

If your home is not selling, there could be a few issues:

1. you chose the wrong agent - not enough listing expertise perhaps?

2. professional photography - there isn't any

3. your agent chose a listing price out of thin air

4. too much stuff - so here are a few ideas:

Most Buyers are looking for more space. They want to know they’re going to have room for everything (and everyone) and they’re not going to grow out of their house too soon. 

Get rid of clutter

This is probably the most important secret to increasing the illusion of space. Remove items you don’t use and don't add to the overall look. Keep closets and shelves orderly.

Paint the walls

Use off-white or neutral colors to make rooms appear light and spacious. Light gray in the in color right now.  

Consider off-site storage

If you’re running out of room for all your stuff, move it into a storage unit while your house is on the market. If it's warm out, have a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items and turn stuff to dollars, or find a local Goodwill drop-off location and or donate to charity. If you itemize your taxes, be sure to obtain a receipt from Goodwill for a tax write off.

Remove some furniture

Potential Buyers need to be able to walk around your house without bumping into chairs and tables. Put some furniture into storage until you move. Leave a spacious walking path throughout your house. 

Organize closets

Clean out and tidy up those closets! It might help to invest in an organizing system. Remove clothing that you have not work in 18 months.

Clean up the garage

People want to know they can fit a car (or two) in the garage. Clean out your garage and neatly organize everything that absolutely must stay there.

Mirrors and drapes

Place mirrors in strategic places. Remove fussy window treatments to enhance the illusion of space.

Small space doesn’t mean you have to be cramped. If you are looking to sell, feel free to contact me for a no-obligation market analysis. Here's a quick hotlink - click here.

posted by Carol Best | cell 773-799-5939 *

Real Estate - #1 Market Share in 60022 Glencoe, IL Fall 2015

by Carol Best | Blog - North Shore & Barrington IL Ar

COLDWELL BANKER #1 in Market Share thru 10-29-2015
Glencoe, IL 60022

Educated Buyers & sellers often ask which broker is listing-selling-closing properties in Glencoe, IL 60022. Below is the answer, direct from our MLS this morning, 10-29-2015. 

[Info is of a single screen capture - 3 slides total - too long to place side-by-side.]

Posted by Carol Best-Top Agent | call/text: 773-799-5939 or eMail to: CarolBest @ me.com to Buy or Sell 





Real Estate - #1 Market Share in 60015 Deerfield-Bannockburn-Riverwoods IL - Fall 2015

by Carol Best | Real Estate and Homes in the Barringt

COLDWELL BANKER #1 in Market Share thru 10-29-2015
​Deerfield - Bannockburn - Riverwoods

My North Shore real estate clients often ask which broker is listing-selling-closing properties in 60015, the Deerfield, Bannockburn and Riverwoods areas in IL. Below is the answer, direct from our MLS this morning, 10-29-2015.

[Info is of a single screen capture - 3 slides total - too long to place side-by-side.]

Posted by Carol Best-Top Agent | call/text: 773-799-5939 or eMail to: CarolBest @ me.com to Buy or Sell 








Real Estate - #1 Market Share in 60010 Barrington, IL Fall 2015

by Carol Best | Real Estate Market Update Fall 2015

COLDWELL BANKER #1 in Market Share thru 10-29-2015

Many of my Barrington IL real estate clients ask which broker is listing-selling-closing properties in all of Barrington - below is the answer, direct from our MLS this morning, 10-29-2015.

[Info is of a single screen capture - 3 slides total - too long to place side-by-side.]

Posted by Carol Best-Top Agent | call/text: 773-799-5939 or eMail to: CarolBest @ me.com to Buy or Sell 


TRID - FAQ's - Carol Best Coldwell Banker in IL - from the North Shore to the Northwest suburbs

by Carol Best | Real Estate Market Update Fall 2015



Q: What is TRID?

A: TRID stands for TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosures. This is a new rule from the CFPB (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau) that amends components of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). The new rule replaces and integrates several disclosures into two separate and distinct disclosures known as the Loan Estimate and the Closing Disclosure.


Q: Are TRID (TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure), RESPA/TILA and KBYO (Know Before You Owe) the same thing?

A: Yes. They are all different names for the disclosure integration from the CFPB.


Q: When does TRID/KBYO start?

A: TRID is effective for files with a RESPA application date of 10/3/2015 and after. For loans with a RESPA application date prior to 10/3/2015, the existing forms will continue to be used until the loan is closed and funded.


Q: What is consummation?

A: Consummation occurs when the borrower becomes contractually obligated to the creditor on the loan (e.g. at signing, not funding).


Q: What is considered a complete application?

A: An application is received when the following 6 pieces of information are obtained (regardless of whether additional information was requested): the borrowers’ name, income, social security number, subject property address, estimated value of the subject property, and the mortgage loan amount. There are zero exceptions under the new rule.



Q: Can a lender add a 7th application trigger requiring the borrower to provide certain documentation to delay disclosing?

A: No. The new rule prohibits lenders from instituting additional triggers and requiring verifying documentation as an additional trigger before providing the disclosure package.


Q: Are there changes to pre-approval letters?

A: Yes. The following language must be clearly and conspicuously stated at the top of the 1st page of the Pre-approval Letter in a font size that is no smaller than a 12-point font: “Your actual rate, payment, and costs could be higher. Get an official Loan Estimate before choosing a loan.”




Q: Is the GFE going away?

A: Yes. The GFE and TIL are being integrated into one disclosure called the Loan Estimate.


The suggested closing time frame for loans is now 60 days or more. The only way to circumvent this process is to purchase the property with "all cash."


Disclaimer: The above information is considered to be true & accurate as of this writing - the writer makes no claims or promises that each and every lender operates under these guidelines. Data has been taken from various publications regarding the above details.






Home Staging Rules & Tips by Carol Best

by Carol Best | Real Estate and Homes in the Barringt


There are a few basic rules - I also suggest my client/sellers try & do some of the following:

1. Use shades of white. White makes everything feel new, clean and just might even make a room look larger.

2. Make a great first impression! Time-wise, you have all of 8 seconds to make a great first impression on house guests. Painting the front door an unexpected color sends the message that the home is well cared for.

3. Call the window washers for inside & out and put the screens in the garage. 

4. Use fresh orchids to liven up a room - Home Depot sells them at very reasonable prices.

5. Remove all personal pictures. Potential Buyers can’t imagine themselves living in your home if it’s full of people they don't know.

6. Try using large mirrors. Mirrors bring in more light & provide great visual depth. I once lent a client my huge circular mirror for over their dining room buffet. It really did the trick & looked great in pictures.

7. Curb Appeal - make sure your front door entrance area is inviting, exterior lights work, real flowers in the pots. The client tends to look around as the Realtor spends time opening up the key box. 

Call a pro! Carol has helped clients stage their home with their things, since the mid-90's. 

If you are thinking of selling, contact "CarolBest @ me.com" for a private no-pressure consultation. Or if you prefer, call/text to: 773-799-5939

posted by Carol Best

Healing & Wellness Center - Journeys in Lakemoor, IL

by Carol Best | Real Estate and Homes in the Barringt

A close friend of mine who has Lyme disease has been feeling some relief from the therapy offered here.  Lyme disease is not easily understood or controlled. While I cannot personally speak to it because I do not have Lyme, I am sharing my friend's input as sometimes it seems options are few and too many drugs can have a very negative effect on your body.

Journeys Healing & Wellness Center
137 Route 120
Lakemoor, IL 60051







Shipping your Vehicle - 8 Tips

by Carol Best | Real Estate and Homes in the Barringt

When shipping your vehicle via an auto transport company to your new destination, you should take note of the following 8 tips & how to prepare it for the shipping process:

1. Wash your car before the carrier picks up your vehicle.

2. Clean the inside - remove all possessions that are not secured/tied down or attached.

3. Disable the alarm.

4. Don't gas up - leave as little fuel in the car as possible.

5. Check for leaks - the transport company may refuse to ship it if it leaks oil, etc.

6. Check tire inflation - they should be properly inflated.

7. Remove custom accessories - like a spoiler.

8. Lock the car. Only the transport driver will be moving the car on and off the truck.

Check the reviews of the transport company on Yelp. Good luck!

posted by Carol Best**


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